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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Austin Pond Tour 2008 Part 2 - Kathy and Rick

Kathy and Rick

I am glad I saved Kathy and Rick's pond for a separate post, mainly because there is so much to show you! As you can see from the photos, the pond is very large, 40 by 60 feet, and holds over 25,000 gallons of water. Kathy and Rick built the pond themselves with the help of friends, and the results are lovely and tranquil. But the pond itself is not what makes the whole effect so amazing. As you will see, the plants and sculptures, the house, as well as the design of the pond, makes this pond unique among the ponds I saw on the Austin Pond Tour.

Part 1 Follow the Water

What struck me first about this pond is that Kathy & Rick designed the hillside that is their backyard right into the pond itself. A small pond with a beautiful sculpture and blooming water lilies is situated right at their covered patio, and water flows down a rockwork stream to the larger pond. This gives the pond a very active yet tranquil atmosphere, and gives the eyes plenty to occupy their time!

(You can click on any picture to see it larger)

I put these photos in order, to show the progress of the water down the "stream" to the large pond (I'm tempted to call it a lake!). The steps leading from the back door of the house to the picnic area run beside the stream. You can hear the sounds of rushing and falling water all along the walk. They placed specific plants around the pond that the wildlife don't like to eat, which makes perfect sense considering that they live out in the country. The attention to detail is minute, yet the whole area looks like it "has just always been this way." Kudos to Rick and Kathy, the artist in each really shows!

Part 2 - Water Lilies

I have a special place in my heart for water lilies. Since I first photographed them at the San Angelo Water Lily Display last year, I have kept my eye out for them and have tried to learn all I can about their names and blooming habits. I still have lots to learn.

Rick and Kathy's lilies are beautiful and compliment the pond so well. I give their lilies a special "chapter" in the post because they deserve a closer look. I hope you like them.

Part 3 - The House

I include these photos of the house because I did not want you to miss anything. The whole effect speaks for itself, so without further ado...

Part 4 - Sculptures

As I mentioned, the sculptures placed around the house and pond add a wonderful touch to the yard. Rick was very modest when I asked him about the sculptures, but did tell me that he has several of his pieces in galleries around Austin, and has his own studio called The Fire Within. My take on the style is somewhere between abstract and African (or Easter Island?), and the combination is delightful. Please visit his website to see more of his work.


I close with a few pictures that I couldn't fit in the "outline" above but that I just liked and wanted to share. If you are able, do not miss the 2009 Austin Pond Tour. I am sure R&K will be included!

I like that the two sculptures above have the best view....

Until next time..
Mike Z

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