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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Benini Sculpture Ranch near Johnson City

I apologize to all who have come to see more photos and stories. I have been busy and sick, but they are no excuse. A dear friend reminded me today that I have been over 3 months "absent." I will try to make amends now.
A few weeks ago, Jan and I had the opportunity to visit the Benini Sculpture Ranch near Johnson City TX. I don't remember now how I heard about it, but I think it was from one of Jan's sisters who had recently gone with her husband. We drove a good distance, and finally made it. They tour was by car, so most (if not all) of the photos below are from the driver's side window perspective. I have picked a few favorite sculptures, but there were dozens more.
Gothic Cross by Rick Cunningham
Sculpture Garden Gothic Cross

Adam and Eve by David Massey
Sculpture Garden Adam and Eve

Palladin by Bettye Ann Turner
Sculpture Garden Palladin

Gemini's Song by Peter Mangan
Sculpture Garden Gemini's Song

Detail from Gemini's Song
Sculpture Garden Gemini's Song Detail

Thunderbird Monument by Rick Cunningham
Sculpture Garden Thunderbird Monument

Redwood by Samuel Burns
Sculpture Garden Redwood

Dancers 1 by Jerry Daniel
Sculpture Garden Dancers 1
(Not Exterior Inside, Not Exterior Outside by Eyefells is in the background)

By coincidence, there was a lecture series being presented by the Benini's free to the public. We stayed for part of one, which was very interesting, but I was anxious to get back out there and shoot! We met Mr and Mrs Benini, who were very gracious to us and invited us back any time we chose to come. We will be back for sure!
Benini is a sculptor of renown and regularly invites other sculptors to craft and show their own sculptures on his spacious ranch. It is wonderful that so many have an outlet for their work, and that so many like Jan and I can come out and enjoy it.
If you are ever out near Johnson City, TX please make an effort to see the Sculpture Ranch. You will be glad you did.
Till next time,
Mike Z