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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Took a Photo Class at Zilker Park

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Today some members of Austin Pond Society went on a photography field trip at Zilker Park. Our topic at this month's meeting was How to Take More Interesting Photos. Gordon Hamilton, from SeniorNet, and I had presentations, and all the members were invited to this photo shoot to practice our skills.

Click on the Title to see more photos from the class. I hope you enjoy them.

Best regards,

Mike Z

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Butterfly at Brushy Creek

The Queen of Brushy Creek Community Center

I was in the Brushy Creek Community Center garden yesterday taking photos of their ponds and plants. The wind was gusty, and I found it difficult to get sharp photos of the flowers.

I noticed a group of Queen butterflies that were trying their best to stay on flowers, due to the very gusty breeze. This one was very tenacious!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thadeus Project, with my photo!

I am amazed at Facebook. I have only been on for about a week, and have connected with folks that I hadn't spoken to for years (decades?).

This week Erik Martin (Jan's niece Jamie's husband) sent me a video on Facebook. It's a song called Ghost of Dawn by Thadeus Project. I had not heard of this group, but Erik hooked me by saying that they had used one of my photos in the video! I was so flattered that they would do that.

So I put the video on My Photo Memories, and send it out to the world. I really like the sound of the guitars and smooth vocals. I hope you do too.

More water lilies and ponds in the hopper to post, but I will leave that for another day. To all my new Facebook friends, Hello! and thanks for stopping by. To all the regulars, I thank you.

Best regards,
Mike Z

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Betty's Pond, Another Night Shoot for the Pond Tour

Betty and Ralph graciously allowed me to come photograph their pond this week. I have been working hard to get all the ponds photo'd so they could be put on the Austin Pond Society's website for the Pond Tour in July.
disappearing fountain by front door
Betty's Pond

twilight view w/ back yard
Betty's Pond
Betty works hard to keep the pond in good shape, and it shows. I enjoyed talking to Betty while she made small improvements to the pond as I took photos.

Betty and Ralph's Ragamuffin cat
Betty's Pond
As the light from sunset faded, the lighting that Betty and Ralph had installed to accent the pond at night really showed off the best features. I have never seen a lighted fan in an oak tree before. Very unique!

lighted fan in oak tree
Betty's Pond
Betty lit a row of candles on the patio table and I tried my hand at photographing them. Not bad for a first attempt, don't you think? The accents added to the calming sounds of the waterfall nearby. I could have just stayed a while and enjoyed!
Betty's Pond
But the time came when all the shots had been taken, and it was time to go. I would highly recommend this pond to anyone who is doing the Night Tour on Saturday July 18th. It is a treasure.
More later,
Mike Z