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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Butterfly Tree in my Daughter's Back Yard

First off, I have to say that cell phones are no substitute for "real" cameras, at least my Blackberry is not.

That said I have to say when miraculous events occur in one's life, and the only thing you have is a Blackberry, then by all means take the shot!

We had brought the grandkids back to our daughter's house in Copperas Cove, and I had gone out to see how the lawn mower was holding up, when I looked up and saw literally hundreds of Red Admiral butterflies feasting on the ligustrum flowers by the porch. What a sight! I had seen photos of this sort of thing, but never up close and personal.

I called the two boys out to see the butterflies, and we spent a good deal of time getting "up close and personal" with the beautiful insects. At one point I had one boy on my shoulders and the other scouting critters for us to see. I took several photos with my phone, and the above was the best of the lot.

I hope to go back soon with a movie camera to see if I can give you a better idea of what we saw.

Till then,
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Mike Z