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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oreo Cows in Brenham TX

We have passed these cows many times as we drove from Austin to Houston, and had always called them "oreo cows." As I drove back to Austin, with my trusty travel camera aboard, I decided that now was the time to take some images of these unusual bovines, and report to you on what I found.
The cows were so interested in eating that I had some trouble getting any of them to look up. I yelled a couple of times -- no response. Finally thought to honk the horn (that's what gets the goats' attention at the ranch), and one lady did get curious enough about what I was doing to look half-heartedly in my general direction.
The sound of the horn did attract the attention of some other cows, who came over the hill to see what was going on.
In doing the research on this particular breed of cow, I can only say thank goodness for Google! I typed in "black and white oreo cows" and Voila! several dozen chats and websites about the Belted Galloway or Highland Cow came up. The most interesting website that I found was Aldermere Farms in Maine. Lots of the chatters were impressed with this site as well. Check it out if you'd like. Lots of good info about these classy cows. Click on "Belties" on the left column for information on the heritage of the cattle on this historic farm.

Well, that's what is happening with me these days. Hope you and yours are doing well. Till next time,

Mike Z

UPDATE 1/17/09: We saw more Belties just south of Waco yesterday on our way to Dallas. I will try to get some photos on our way back if it's not too dark.
MONDAY: Well, it was too dark when we drove by last night, so I will try to get some more photos when I am up that way again.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to John and Alice for commenting on the post and letting me know about their findings about Dutch Belt cattle. Thanks, that was great!
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