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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying a New PhotoShop Technique

After trying several times to take a picture of the heron that hunts the waterway where Jan and I walk, I got one that at least had some promise of showing what the pesky bird looks like. However, the photo was not the sharpest nor the most well-composed shot I've ever done. So I decided to try to make the best of things by trying some PhotoShop effects that I had learned from watching a DVD by Mark Monciardini.

One of Mark's tips is how to make a digital photo look like a watercolor painting. Photoshop has a filter that will do a fairly good job of simulating watercolor or many other effects, but I think the results look strange. I followed Mark's process as best I could with the photo, and the results are above.

Mark certainly knows a lot more about Photoshop than I do, and I enjoy applying his tips and "tricks" to some of my photos. I think it makes the photos look better, and I highly recommend his DVD 101 Photoshop Tips.

Till next time, best regards!

Mike Z

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