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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Someone likes my photos!

As a non-professional but hoping-to-be-acceptable photographer, I have long wondered what it would be like to have folks like my photos well enough to buy prints of them. Photographer friends of mine like Bob Zeller, the excellent bird and landscape photographer, already know how that feels. I have donated a few framed photos, and enjoy matting and framing my photos to give to folks who need a little something to relax them, or give them something tangible to remember a shared experience. But the requests to purchase my photos have not been overwhelming to date.

Several months ago, I got an email from a very nice lady named Laura, who lives near New Braunfels. Last Thanksgiving I had taken some photos of the Guadalupe River, and posted them on my weblog. Laura wondered if I could make her a canvas print that she could hang above her fireplace in her new house, and could I help her make that print? Of course I could! I was thrilled! Little did I know that the print she wanted was 30"x40", way beyond my printer's capabilities.

But after several emails and phone calls, we decided how it would work. And in about 3 weeks as I remember, she got to pick up her new gallery-wrapped canvas print. I got to see where it was to be hung, and it looked really good to me.

A few days ago, she sent me an email with the photo above attached, and told me that she had had the photo framed to set it off from the fireplace rocks. It looked so much better to me! I was glad she thought of that.

So now I know a little of how it feels to have someone like my photos well enough to purchase prints. I could get used to that! :-)

Till next time,
Mike Z

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photos of Three Waterfalls 2006-2007

Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie WA 2007

At Heather the Raven Lady's request (see her 'blog by clicking on my link), I have posted what began as one waterfall photo and now has evolved at the suggestion of my daughter Amy into a montage of three waterfall photos. Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state was a pretty long drive from Tacoma where Amy and her family live, but it was well worth all the effort. When we got to the site, we could hike along one of the ridges and get better and better views of the falls. At the end of the trail was a covered viewing platform that jutted out over the canyon and afforded a spectacular viewing area. I chose to photograph the falls from a little bit different vantage point, along the trail leading up to the platform. I have to say it was a magnificent delight to see these falls.

Falls Under Bridge, Mt Ranier WA 2007

Another really memorable "waterfall moment" was on our way up Mt Ranier that same year. We had stopped for a photo-op (I appreciate all the passengers for putting up with too many of those) and hiked through the woods to a good spot, and I shot a few photos like this one. I have this photo enlarged and waiting for a frame, and it brings back that trip for me as few other photos I took that day do. Makes me take a deep calming breath almost every time.

Shoshone Falls, near Twin Falls, Idaho 2007

I found this post in my Drafts folder this morning (7/22/2012!) and thought I'd post it. Brings back great memories of our travels in past years. Can't believe it's been 5 years since I shot these photos! Hope you enjoy them.

All the best,
Mike Z

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tracy Arm Fjord, our Trip to Alaska 2012

Striations in the hillside formed by glaciers - click to see larger
We passed numerous hills that had been "sanded down" over millions of years by the ebb and flow of glaciers. The parallel scars, or striations, made interesting patterns in the rock.

Entering the Tracy Arm Fjord - click on photo to see larger
Our ship, the Celebrity Infinity, is the largest boat that is capable of navigating this fjord. We were lucky! The day was chilly but sunny, and the spot where we were standing was high enough to afford a good view of the mountains and the water.

Iceberg in Tracy Arm Fjord - click on photo to see larger
Jan and I went on our second cruise to Alaska a few weeks back, and I have been trying to get all the photos together to make a photo book, and a video of the photos. It is a long process because I have so many photos! (I know, waaah, waaah...)

So this will be a new type of post for me. I call it the "add-a-photo" post. I will add more photos of our journey through the fjord, ending with some photos of the Sawyer Glacier that I am pretty proud of.

I really like the blue color in the ice in this photo, it's as close to the color I saw as my camera could get. The day we went through the fjord was about as perfect as you could imagine. It was only after that that the weather got bad....

Till the next post,
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Mike Z