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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grapes on Julia's Arbor - Update

I had the photo that I wrote about in Grapes on Julia's Arbor blown up to 8x12 and wanted to get a nice frame and mat for it. Jan and I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they had frames on special. They did! However, the frames that we liked seemed to be all chipped and bruised, and the mats looked scuffed and had that not-so-new look. We tried every frame/mat combination we could find that was in decent shape, but no luck.

As we were leaving, Jan noticed a whole area of "art prints." The frames and mats all looked pretty good, and didn't show the wear and tear that the empty frames had shown. We picked out a couple of likely candidates, and finally chose one of a bulldog dressed in a general's uniform. I won't horrify you with the actual print, but you can get the "general" idea.

We bought it, took it home, and spent about an hour extracting the print from the mat (whoever made the picture sure didn't want us to get our own print in that frame!) When we had the dog/general out, we put the grape photo in, and viola! the final product.

I really hope that Jan's mom likes the picture. I will let you know in a PS what happens.

UPDATE TO THIS UPDATE: We brought the framed photo to Jan's mom, and she loved it. We hung it behind Jan's dad's recliner, over Julia's hummel collection. I really think that space was waiting for a photo just like that to make it perfect. I am so glad she likes it.

Check back soon,
Mike Z

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