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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bunnies at the hotel, Las Cruces New Mexico

This is the first time I've been to New Mexico in a while. Although I spent the day in Albuquerque, I made the reservation for Las Cruces so I could get back to El Paso in time to fly home on Friday. (I know, too much information, right?)

Anyway, as I walked in to talk to the hotel people, I noticed quite a few cute little rabbits "grazing" in the grass between the walk and the bushes. As I walked closer all but one hopped back into the cover of the bushes. The little one you see above was bold enough to stay out while I got the blackberry set up to take a photo.

We don't see very many rabbits or jackrabbits in Texas anymore. They used to be plentiful. I have heard that the fire ants have pretty much wiped them out in our part of the country. Pretty sad.

Well gang, just a note from the road. More later. Thanks for visiting!
Mike Z

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