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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Gazebo at Zilker Park, Austin TX


The Gazebo at Zilker Park, Austin TX

Jan and I volunteered again this year for the Austin Pond Society at the Zilker Garden Festival in Zilker Park. It was earlier this year than last, and the breeze as we arrived was brisk and cool. I was glad I brought a light jacket! The crowds were out in force by 11am, but when we arrived it was quiet. So I was able to walk around and shoot a few photos. I have more than these but I wanted to get my first few tries up as soon as possible.


The flower above looked to Jan and me like a rose, but it was not on a rose bush. I patiently waited till the wind died down a little and took a few shots of it. If someone knows what kind of flower it is, please leave it in the comments. I was not the only one to find this a curiosity. Several other folks with cameras came by and took their turn photographing it. It stood out in the small garden of red and purple flowers.


This is my second try. In all the photos above, I used a technique called the Orton Effect. It was first used back in the days of film, and is much easier to accomplish in this day of digital photography. I think it adds a little softness and yet retains the "pop" I was hoping for. Many thanks to my friend Gordon H for introducing me to this fascinating effect.

As I get more photos done, I will add them to this post. I hope you enjoyed your stay!

All the best,

Mike Z

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