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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am sure you have noticed that portraits do not often appear on My Photographic Memories. I have many misgivings about my "skills" as a portrait photographer. But when I saw young Bryn sitting in his mom's lap, and the obvious bond of love the two of them shared, I threw caution to the wind and asked if I could take a couple of photos. Tamra agreed, thankfully.

These two photos are the "best of the lot." As you know, my motto is take 100 to get 1. Please don't look at these photos in any technical way. Just look into those eyes and share the joy.

Our church is making a photo directory this year, the first in quite a few years. Last time we used one of the "professional" companies to take the photos and make the directory. But so many people had problems with the "hard sales pitch" from the company that one of our group decided to buy software and do it ourselves. I have volunteered during March to help with the photo-taking. A blatant attempt on my part to get some practice with portraits and how my camera can get the best portrait shot.
Wish me luck!
Mike Z
PS Tamra kindly gave me permission to put these photos on My Photographic Memories. Thank you Tamra!

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