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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunset near Brownwood TX

There was so much going on this past week that involved photography that I feel a little overwhelmed. We took the kids to Zilker Park, stayed in a Bed and Breakfast here in Austin courtesy of our children Amy, Chad, Jason and Leslie, traveled to Brownwood for work, and on Friday were completely surprised with a 35th wedding anniversary reception also planned, orchestrated, and accomplished by our daughter Amy and daughter-in-law Leslie, at the historic Forke Store in the Conservation Society Park in New Braunfels, TX. (I think the bed and breakfast gift was a beard to keep us in the dark...) My brother Bill and sister-in-law Joanne flew in from Raleigh NC just to be there! Wonderful and amazing and completely overwhelming. Then as if that weren't enough we all attended a model train show that was being held in the convention center in New Braunfels. This morning we rest!

The sunset photo above is the best of several I took from the roadside on the way to Brownwood. I was reading in Outdoor Photographer magazine about a pretty famous photographer who went to great lengths to get the "perfect" shot of a beach, sunset or whatever he was shooting. I didn't go to that great an effort for this one, but I did remember to bring the camera, and caused Jan no end of aggravation by pulling over to the side of the road, backing up to "just the right spot," and firing away. My rationalization was that we were already late for check-in at the hotel, so why not?

I hope you enjoy this photo. I am adding it to my "sunset photo collection" and hope that I am able to shoot many more like it!

Will try to get more photos up this week, especially the B&B photos. What a great place to relax!

More later,
Mike Z

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