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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Austin Pond Update - Annie's Pond Song

Oh, the good things just keep on comin'! I was searching the Austin Pond Society's web pages for the time and place for their monthly meeting (Jan and I joined last month after taking the Pond Tour), and I ran across a link to The Transplantable Rose weblog by Annie in Austin, who has been taking photos and movies, and writing songs about many things for lots longer than I have had my weblog up.

This year Annie and Philo went on the tour, but the camera broke midway through, and so Annie wrote The Pond Song and made a YouTube video for her Pond Tour post this year. The idea is one I would not have thought of, and the song/photos/videos are so beautiful. There are some videos of Kathy and Rick's pond/stream in there, too. Watch for those.

I am so glad I found this weblog, and will definitely check back often to see what's going on with Annie! I hope that you'll check back often too. There is a lot to see.

Thanks again Annie,
Mike Z

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