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Monday, May 19, 2008

We met some Deer yesterday

Jan and I were walking our usual route on the new walking/jogging trail at the Town & Country sports fields when Jan spotted two does in the waterway (fancy word for big ditch) alongside us. I had brought the lighter of the two cameras hoping to get some photos of the brown heron that frequents the ditch. There is also a white one that I wouldn't have minded shooting (with the camera) as well. With all the construction going on in our area, the wildlife is being pushed out. So it was pretty great to see these two ladies still hanging around. They were perfectly still until they realized that they had been spotted, then moved up the side of the waterway and into the woods. Before they left, though, they both were alerted by a noise or sight, and stood still to see what it was.

As they trotted off into the shadows, I heard a man behind me say, "Usually they will pose for photos..." I guess my approach was not subtle enough. But, I got a few shots of them before the chip filled up, so I was happy. As we walked on down the trail, I looked back and both of them were heading back for the water. I mentally sent them an apology for disturbing their peace. I hope to see them again soon on another walk, and I hope to see that brown heron, too!

More later. Thanks for visiting!

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