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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bridge to the Clouds

We drove to New Orleans last weekend for my 40th high school reunion (yes, I'm THAT old...) and stayed at the Marriott Lakeway hotel Saturday night. Sunday morning I looked out the window and saw the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway (see the Wikipedia listing) seemingly going off into the clouds. I tried to capture that look with this photo.

The effect comes from the fog that was forming over the north end of the causeway, making the bridge seem to end in the cloud you see in the distance. At almost 24 miles long, the north end of the spans are difficult to see on the clearest of days.

For those that are curious, we did have a great time at the reunion. Saw some folks that I remembered, and caught up on what was going on with the old high school crowd. Good fortune smiled, and I didn't hear of anyone who had passed away since the last reunion I attended, the 20th. That one was a riverboat cruise on the riverboat Natchez, a pretty fun excursion! Jan had the great idea to bring my Senior Yearbook and have people sign it. I think people were amazed to see how they looked way back when. It was a great icebreaker, too--imagine a 57 year old geezer coming up to you and saying, "Want to sign my yearbook?" I can tell you it got plenty of laughs!

Some of the yearbook entries ran the gamut of optimism/pessimism, which I found pretty interesting. One fellow signed the book "See you in 40 years," another signed it "See you in a nursing home." That kind of thing. I jokingly told everyone that I think more people signed my book this year than when I was in school!

That's about all for now. I got to get to bed and get ready for work tomorrow. Thanks again for visiting!
PS if you go to the Wikipedia link above you can see the hotel we stayed in. We were on the 10th floor....

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