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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gather Ye Magnolias While Ye May...

Jan and I took another walk around the neighborhood, and I took along the Nikon to get a better shot of the white heron that hangs around the ditches searching out the minnows. I thought sure this would be the time.... but no success.

So, in order not to go away completely empty-handed, we looked for flowers to shoot. We came across a very large magnolia tree with several blooms near the top. Thank goodness for telephoto lenses! We started singing "Mag Nolia Grandi Flora, with your blossoms white and creamy..." a song from grade school. That was the only line we remembered.

I have a special "connection" with magnolias. I was born in the city of Magnolia, Mississippi. My mother loved magnolias, and had a painting of a magnolia flower hanging over the piano at our house for as long as I can remember. My sister Alice has it now. Her daughter Emily has painted magnolia flowers and the paintings are as good as any I have seen. And, not to stretch the point too far, the magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana, where I grew up.

Hope you like the photo. Tomorrow, I am invited to photograph birds. I hope I am more successful than I have been with the wily white heron!

Mike Z

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