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Friday, May 30, 2008

In Heather's Honor, the Raven Totem

Heather, the Raven Lady, has had several posts on her weblog Raven Lady lately about her baby ravens and raven totems. Go there and check out her videos! They are amazing.

Seeing the videos and reading the posts about ravens and raven totem lore, brought to mind the photos I took of a raven totem pole at the Native Indian Totem Pole Museum in Alaska. The totem stood originally atop a very tall pole, and has a unique history, which I captured in a separate photo below (the photo is pretty dark, so click on it to enlarge if you have trouble reading it).

The other interesting totem I saw was a likeness of Abraham Lincoln! Obviously, Honest Abe held a position of great respect and honor in the native culture. Sadly, I can't locate the photo I took of President Lincoln's totem. Mea culpa.

More later. I hope to try my hand at taking bird photos at a friend's house this weekend. They have a feeder and attract numerous species including hummingbirds. That will be a challenge! Wish me luck.

Best regards, Mike Z

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