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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fall Creek Vineyards

We did make the trip to Fall Creek Vineyards today, I'm glad to say. The weather was not too cooperative, but we toughed it out. There was thick fog all over Central Texas, but it was expected to lift by mid to late morning. The rainclouds were heavy and dark, but all we were getting out of them was drizzle and light rain. About 2:30pm the sun started to break through and we got ready to go. Jan's friend had recommended we visit this place in large part because the cypress trees that line the entrance road were so pretty with the fall colors.

The rainclouds lifted as we drove north and west from Austin towards the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The area we headed toward sports some wonderful scenic and recreation areas, such as Lake Buchanan and Inks Lake. We passed a sign for the Canyon of the Eagles, home of the Vanishing Texas River Cruise, and almost got sidetracked. But we stayed the course, and made it to the vineyards just as the sun was getting low in the west. We hadn't checked the hours of operation, however and got there about an hour late!

I got a few photos, but it was getting very late, and the light was minimal. I used the Nikon D70 without flash or tripod, and was able to get some shots from outside the fence. We promised that we would be back on a sunnier day (in time to taste some of the wines!) and take some more shots. The drive through the hills had more than made up for the disappointment about our timing.

Thanks again for stopping by!

PS-One of the things I noticed when I toured through the Fall Creek Vineyards website was that they have Waterfalls! In fact the falls are their namesake. Click the link to see the falls. One more reason for us to visit the Vineyards again!

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