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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Tree Ornaments

In the spirit of Christmas, and the childlike wonder of bright shiny things and pretty lights, I took some photos of some handmade ornaments that hang on Jan's family's Christmas tree on the ranch.

These ornaments were handmade, one a year, and were a gift to my father-in-law Roland from a member of his congregation at St Matthew's UCC in New Orleans Louisiana.

Kathryn Schroeder made these ornaments as a gift of love for her beloved pastor. Even after Roland retired, she continued to make them and send them to him in time to place on the tree.

Roland treasured these and never tired of complimenting them, pointing out the "new arrival" every year with pride and wonder that someone would take the time to make a beautiful thing for Julia and himself.

I don't know if these were from a kit that she put together, or if she assembled the pieces and put them together on her own, but it makes no difference either way. The miracle of these ornaments, to my mind, is that by taking satin wrapped styrofoam balls, pearl-tipped stick pins, colored ribbons, and lots of time attention patience and love, Kathryn could make things that became treasures to the ones she gave them to.

My Christmas wish for you is that the gifts you give to the ones you love, and that the gifts you receive, will be as loved and treasured as these were to Roland and Julia.

Merry Christmas!

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