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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is one of my favorite photos (so far) of my two grandkids, Sentry and Roland Thomas. We were at a wonderful sunny park near their home and they started digging for ?? in a small pile of dirt. (I did make sure it wasn't an ant nest.) They were so engrossed in the finding that they didn't notice me sneaking up on them for the photo.
Every time I see this I can bring to mind the whole experience. It says a lot to me about the joys of childhood and how fleeting they can be.
The photo was taken with my (now defunct) Minolta Dimage Z5. I will miss that camera. I will be taking my new photos with a Nikon D70, which I am learning to shoot with so painfully slowly. But, practice makes perfect, and my motto of "take 500 to get one good one" will serve me well!
Very little photoshop'ing was done, some lightening and sharpening, and cropping. Not much else.
Hope you like it! Visit back often and I will get more pictures up. Any and all comments, critiques, and suggestions would be welcome.
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