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Monday, October 8, 2007

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

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Last Saturday Jan and I took a walk up Enchanted Rock Natural Area located near Fredericksburg TX. We had walked to the top several years ago on a whim, but I wanted to take some photos this time.

We found out some things about E-Rock (that's the nickname, I swear) that we didn't know. There is a cave on the other side of the rock from where we climbed, that is a home for a pretty large bat population. We didn't get to see it on this trip. You can enter the park from the south (Fredericksburg) side or the north (Llano) side. The north hike up the rock is definitely more rugged and the Enchanted Rock Fissure takes a bit of climbing skill, from what we heard. Enchanted Rock is technically an Exfoliation Dome of granite. Enough of that technical stuff I guess....


I got lots of photos on the way up, but slipped and broke my right ankle on the way down!. Dr. Martha and the rescue squad had to carry me down the mountain on a stretcher.The things I do for a few photos...

If you'd like to see more of my Enchanted Rock photos, visit this link:

My Enchanted Rock Photos on Flickr

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