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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I took these photos on a trip to the Elgin Pumpkin Festival last year about this time. The boy was having such a good time playing with the tetherball I just couldn't resist pointing and shooting. His mom was gracious enough to give me permission to post these photos, and asked if I could shoot some more for her. Very flattering!

The first one is more focused than the second, and I like the composition better. I am trying to learn the art of "action" photography, which is a far different thing than shooting still life or landscape photos. Short delay from pushing the button till the camera takes the photo is very important, as well as a steady hand or tripod! I sat at a picnic table and propped both elbows on it to get as steady as I could. The telephoto feature on the Dimage Z5 makes every small movement a BIG movement on the film. Thinking "fast on your feet" as far as composing the shot makes the small successes much more satisfying.

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