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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cat Stuck in the Tree

Jan was washing the car this afternoon, and I was raking leaves. We kept hearing a very sad cat crying, but neither of us could locate it. I was looking in the bushes beside our house when Jan said, "Look! It's stuck in the tree!"

Sure enough, there was the cat in the very tallest branches of the oak tree.

We called her and called her, and she tried to get down, but just couldn't work up the courage.

As I write this, it is about midnight. I checked on her just a few minutes ago and she is still up there. I hope she gets hungry enough to overcome her fear, because it is pretty chilly out there tonight.

Monday Morning: Well, I couldn't stand it. Woke up early and put on a robe (it's nippy out today!) and rushed out to see if the tree-climbing kitty was still up there. Good news! Her hunger and cold overcame her fear of climbing down and she was no longer there. I hope she doesn't try that again!

All the best to you (and the cat),

Mike Z

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