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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Captured a Bird on our walk around Town and Country

Jan and I took a walk around the neighborhood, and along the hike/bike trail in Town and Country Sports Center, where I was certain I would find some birds to photograph. I brought the small camera, a Nikon P90, so I could take some quick shots if anything showed up. We saw some crows, and I was beginning to feel like that might be all I would see. Suddenly a large shape flew out of the tree over my head, and this bird landed in a tree across the waterway. I ran the zoom on the P90 out all the way and took about 5 shots. These two looked the best.

I believe this nest was where the bird flew from

I am very much a novice birdwatcher, but I had not seen this kind of bird in the area before (that I can remember). He (or she) looked around for a couple of minutes then flew on.

I looked the bird up in my Pocket Naturalist Guide, and the closest I can come to is, this might be an Osprey. I did not get a good look at the breast, so that didn't help. Also the Osprey has a dark stripe across the eyes. If anyone out there knows what this bird is, please leave me a note. I will continue to look it up on the 'web and if I find out, I'll post a PS.

Looking back at my previous post, Birdwatching the Day after Christmas, I can see some similarities between that bird and this one. Same yellow nostrils, same curved beak, stripe on tail feathers. But I think the head is lighter colored than the "Christmas" bird.

I will look at the crow and mockingbird photos, and post them on another note if they're ok.

Till next time,

Mike Z

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