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Monday, May 23, 2011

Jefferson Memorial

On the 3rd day of our sightseeing tour, we hiked from the hotel to the Jefferson Memorial. I knew it would be a long way, but didn't anticipate just how long a walk it would be. The walk itself was very nice, lots of animals and scenes along the way.

We walked through the cherry trees, a gift long ago from the Japanese government, but we missed the bloom by more than a month. We did see one tree in bloom, but could not be certain it was a cherry tree.

click to see a larger photo
 The statue of Thomas Jefferson, in the center of the memorial, is very impressive. I guess I never realized from photos I had seen just how big it is. On the walls surrounding the statue are some of Jefferson's writings, which I found very sobering and moving.

I hope you will get to see these places in Washington DC, if you haven't already. I truly believe that every person should see as many of the beautiful sights of our nation's capital as possible.

Till next time,
Mike Z

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