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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mickey's Giftshop Across from the Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Weather Station at Mickey's
I was looking through some old travel photos (this one is from our trip from Washington to Texas in 2008) and found this photo of a "weather sign" that was set in front of Mickey's Gift Shop across the road from the Big Rock Candy Mountain in Utah. I had forgotten that we stopped at this spot, but remembered how much the grandkids liked the replica of Fred Flinstone's automobile and other assorted memorabilia.

We were also more than a little impressed that there really was a Big Rock Candy Mountain! For those of you who've seen Oh Brother, Where Art Thou by the Cohen Brothers, you know that Burl Ives sings about this mountain in the opening song. If you click on the link above you can find out how this particular mountain came to be called TBRCM.

I hope you found as much humor in the weather sign as I did. It shows a sly humor that is not abundant these days. Till next time...

all the best,
Mike Z

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