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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Old House at Seward Junction

Old Barn

I have passed this delapidated house, or barn, many times as we drove up to Copperas Cove to visit the kids and grandkids. I have often thought it looked like a good subject for a photo. People pass these relics (for lack of a better term) every day and probably never give a thought to the history in the structure.

Another photo of the house
Jan likes this view better
Old House 3

Times change, lives change, and the places we live change. Sometimes our places are abandoned as we move up or move on. I wish I knew who lived here, and why it is still standing in this place along Hwy 183. I will probably never know, but it is fun to think about it.

More later dear readers,

Mike Z

My friend Gordon H added a great sky background and improved the photo nicely. I have to learn how to do that! Thanks Gordon.

Note 10/2010: Sorry to say, but "progress" has taken it's toll on this old house in Seward Junction. The expansion of Highway 183 has reduced the house to a pile of rotten wood. Pretty soon even that will be gone....
Not many will mourn the loss, but I have noticed on my travels lately that I've been looking for other old houses or barns that have similar appeal to this one. Maybe you'll see more in future posts?

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