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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rose Macro 2

Rose Macro 2

Another week, another rose from Jan's work. I decided to try the macro technique again. This time I used a different lens, a Nikon 24mm 1:2.8 D, with the same teleconverter and extension tube setup as last week. I tried a smaller aperture to get more of the petals in focus. Minimal cropping to get a suitable photo size, and I posted it up!

I hope you like this one. I think it's an improvement over last week's. Glad you stopped by, and hope you'll return soon, dear friend.

Best regards,
Mike Z


This morning the rose had opened a little, and I took another photo of it. Not a macro this time, I used the Tamron lens without the teleconverter or the extension, and just tried to get a good close up of the rose as it opened.

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