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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tour of the McNay Museum, San Antonio TX

Driving through San Antonio, I had passed the McNay Museum many times. This time I had my trusty travel camera with me, so during lunch hour (arguably the worst time of day to take photos) I drove in to see the sights.
Entrance Gate, McNay Museum

Entrance to the McNay Museum

Fountain as it looks from entrance

The Fountain and Main Building

I was met at the gate by a very friendly Security guard, who asked what I was doing and if I was going to take professional photos. I said no, I was just going to take some snapshots of some of the artwork around the museum. He said the museum itself was closed that day, but that I was welcome to take non-commercial photos if I wished.

Small sculpture near the fountain

Sculpture near the Fountain

There were quite a few sculptures on the property, and an oriental garden and pond. Some of the sculptures were very strange, but most, like the one in the photo above, were very tasteful, and added to the calm feel of the area.

Another view of the Main Building

Another View of the Main Building
I wandered around for a while, snapping away, and came across this metal sculpture near the side of the main museum. I thought it was a very fine thing, a lot like some of the sculptures at the Benini Sculpture Ranch that I had been to recently.

Sculpture 1

Sculpture on the Grounds

The Security guard had told me that the museum was a popular place to have portraits and bridal photos taken. He said some days as many as a dozen different photo sessions were scheduled. The fee for the professional photo sessions was very reasonable, $20, and helped with the maintenance of the grounds around the museum.

Many Brides get their portraits here

Bridal Portrait

Near the main building there was a small pond with a mobile sculpture in the center. There were a few lilies in the pond, and it seemed to be well tended.

Moving sculpture in lily pond

Moving Sculpture in Pond near Main Building

Water Lily in the small pond

Water Lily in Moving Sculpture Pond

Palm Tree against blue sky

Palm Tree and Sky

The photo above was a whim. I looked up at one of the palm trees and thought how pretty it was next to the blue sky. I hope you agree.

Well, that about sums up my "tour" of the McNay Museum. I hope you like the photos.

Best regards,

Mike Z

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