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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Pond Tour is This Weekend!

This weekend Saturday and Sunday (Saturday evening, too) is the Austin Pond Society's 15th Annual Pond Tour. I am so amazed that a year has gone by so quickly.

As some readers will know, my first Pond Tour was last year around this time. I saw the event on one of the TV stations and convinced Jan to go with me Sunday afternoon to see some ponds. As you might expect I took the camera along...

I want to add a link to my favorite pond of the 2008 Pond Tour, Kathy and Rick's Pond. Their pond will not be on the tour this year, and I will miss the opportunity to see how it has changed. I hope that it will return in future years.

The video above is of Mark Akin's beautiful spring-fed pond and water garden that will be on the Sunday Tour this year. We will be there bright and early to see it in person. The video is so relaxing that I highly recommend it if you've had a stressful day.

And, last but not least, if you are in the Austin Area this weekend, PLEASE consider seeing the Pond Tour! If you'd like to spend $12.50 and see more than 30 of the most beautiful water gardens you've ever seen, go to the Austin Pond Society website, scroll down to the 2009 Tour, and click on Wristbands and Bus Tour. BTW, I am the Tour Guide for the Saturday Bus Tour, and we leave from St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Saturday morning at 8:45am. Should be fun!

Glad you stopped by! Come back often. I enjoy reading your comments. You make my day!

Mike Z
PS--Bad news I think for the Bus Tour. Not very many people it seems want to spend the day in air conditioned comfort seeing ponds. I am pretty certain that the Bus Tour is cancelled. But you can still go see ponds! It really is a great weekend. I promise you'll enjoy the tour.

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