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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flowers from the Austin Pond Tour 2009

The Pond Tour this year was HOT! several senses of the word. There were many, many (almost too many) beautiful ponds all over Austin to see and enjoy. The pond owners were gracious and friendly, and had bottled water for the thirsty tourists which helped us all.

A night blooming water lily that was just closing up when we arrived at Mark's wonderful pond.

There were bees everywhere. I was glad to see them!

I really like the color of these lilies.

I like this photo because of the koi swimming by...

All in all there were over 30 ponds and water gardens to see and admire. We spoke to many people who had no idea there were so many ponds and bogs in Austin! The pond owners worked very hard to show off their ponds and yards. And, the Austin Pond Society folks who put the tour together deserve a special word of thanks for all their efforts to make the tour a success. Bravo!

Next I post up some animals and insects that I got to photograph on the tour, and then some of the ponds themselves. I am really saving the best for last! I hope you enjoy these, and will come back again to see the rest.

All my best to you,
Mike Z

PS-if you click on the Title of this post, you can go to my Flickr collection of flowers from the tour.

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