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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Valentine's Day Adventure

Inn on the Creek

Well, Jan and I finally got to have our Valentine's Day adventure. I had to be in Fredericksburg TX this week on business, so we made a travel week of it and had a Wine Tasting Dinner (this will be a separate post) and a night at a B&B in Fredericksburg. Nice to have this time for ourselves, and still be able to do my job! The bed&breakfast we stayed at was Inn on the Creek, one of the many great places offered by Absolute Charm, Inc. We had not stayed with them before, but we were very pleased with every aspect of our stay there. Our Wine Tasting Dinner was at the Cotton Gin Restaurant, a wonderful restaurant and B&B combination that we have enjoyed staying at before. Again, more about that in the next post.

(the foyer)

We stayed in the Garden View Room, one of six rooms on the site. I chose this room especially for its larger size, and the view of course. As it turned out, the view of the large tree outside was better from outside the building, but it was still pretty good. It will be wonderful when spring finally gets here and the yard greens up. Our bed was fit for royalty! With the crown-like decoration over the headboard, and the massive pillows and soft mattress, it was easy to sleep there, even after a massive dinner and too much wine! The sitting area made it lots easier to get ready to go out, and was a handy storage area for the many bags and items we carried along.

Breakfast in the morning was a real "Texas treat" for us. Coffee was ready at 7:30 and was just right, not too strong not too cold not too bad! We got ready to head out while the delicious smells called us to eat long before it was ready. The dining area was large and very nicely decorated with old photos and knic-knaks all around. When all was ready we had a full table. Some folks from Houston, and a couple from Georgetown shared the great meal with us. While we waited and talked, we had a champagne glass of fruit, and a warm melt-in-your-mouth coffee cake to make the wait seem shorter. We had OJ, bacon and sausage with biscuits, and Joyce's special scrambled eggs, and string potatoes with peppers and cheese topping as a side. I really didn't want to go to work after that! But I did.

After breakfast, we packed up the car, and I went to work while Jan walked around the charming main street of Fredericksburg. The city has a reputation for being at once a shopper's paradise, and a historic city without equal in Central Texas. There is German influence everywhere, from the historic buildings and churches, to the names of the stores and restaurants. The German heritage is especially apparent in the food! There are many restaurants that specialize in german cooking, and right along side them are trendy places like The Peach Tree restaurant and Rather Sweet. A non-typical sense of humor and wordplay is evident in some of the stores and restaurants (ie. Rather Sweet above, named after the chef's last name). Places like Auer Haus (pronounced Our House) and Itz Inn (no explanation necessary) pop up almost everywhere. The city is a great place to shop and see the sights, but one can't see it all in one day. This is an extended weekend city if I ever saw one!

Before we left, we sat for a parting photo together before heading off for Kerrville and home. I can only say that we had one of the most memorable Valentine's Days ever, even though it wasn't exactly Valentine's Day when we had it. We are definitely coming back and trying more of the B&B's in Fredericksburg! I hope you get to visit here one day. You won't be disappointed. Next post is the Wine Tasting Dinner. Don't miss it!

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