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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bluebonnets and Bees

Spring is here in Texas, and the wildflowers are, well, going wild! The rains have been good, and the temperature is pretty mild, so the plants have taken the opportunity to really show off their blooms. The bees, which I understand are declining here, are taking every opportunity to get out there and forage.

We had a nice outdoor lunch in Kathy and Rick's yard, and took advantage of the nice weather to enjoy the outdoors. Kathy works very hard to make her garden a beautiful and relaxing place to be. I couldn't help but sneak off and snap a few photos of the flowers and plants.

The bluebonnet is the State Flower of Texas, and I can understand why it was chosen. It is a very unique flower, a wild member of the lupin family, and thanks to the efforts of the late Lady Bird Johnson, grows all along the highways of Texas. It makes traveling along the busy interstate highways and major roads of this area a very pleasant experience in the early spring.

Well, there's plenty more photos and stories to tell, so I will go ahead and post this one. Jan and I have been traveling a lot in recent weeks, and there are plenty of photos to post.

Till next time, my friends!

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