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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Birds in David's Back Yard

Well, 2008 has started out pretty mild but as the days go on, it's getting colder and wetter. Jan and I were in Houston this week, and we were "treated" to rainy, cold conditions that made us wish for December again! I had a few minutes before we were off to the doctor's appointment, so I decided to brave the cold and see if there were any birds about. In David's back yard is a tree that the small birds found to be some barrier to the wind. The sparrow above didn't move even as I banged about trying to get a better view.

I found a comfortable spot and got very still, to see if other birds would come by. I could see them flying all around, some singles and some in groups, and I was hopeful that they would come a little closer to get their picture taken. I think the bird above is a chickadee, but it is just a guess. I will have to find a wild bird identification website to confirm that. This one seemed pretty comfortable with the surroundings, and eventually flew on. The next visitor was a dove.

She started at one end of David's fence and walked gingerly along. I don't think she found what she was looking for.

When she got to the end of the fence, she flew away.

Eventually it got too cold and wet to take any more photos. I was pretty happy with the ones I got, as I was experimenting with manual focus due to the many branches in the trees that confused the autofocus too much.

We are back in Austin now, and it is still cold and wet. Thanks again for visiting. don't forget to sign the Guestbook and leave a comment. I appreciate hearing from everyone.

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