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Monday, January 28, 2008

Photos of Three Waterfalls, 2006-2007

Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie WA 2007

At Heather the Raven Lady's request (see her 'blog by clicking on my link), I have posted what began as one waterfall photo and now has evolved at the suggestion of my daughter Amy into a montage of three waterfall photos. Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state was a pretty long drive from Tacoma where Amy and her family live, but it was well worth all the effort. When we got to the site, we could hike along one of the ridges and get better and better views of the falls. At the end of the trail was a covered viewing platform that jutted out over the canyon and afforded a spectacular viewing area. I chose to photograph the falls from a little bit different vantage point, along the trail leading up to the platform. I have to say it was a magnificent delight to see these falls.

Falls Under Bridge, Mt Ranier WA 2007

Another really memorable "waterfall moment" was on our way up Mt Ranier that same year. We had stopped for a photo-op (I appreciate all the passengers for putting up with too many of those) and hiked through the woods to a good spot, and I shot a few photos like this one. I have this photo enlarged and waiting for a frame, and it brings back that trip for me as few other photos I took that day do. Makes me take a deep calming breath almost every time.

Shoshone Falls, near Twin Falls, Idaho 2006

Shoshone Falls was a side trip we took as we drove from Texas to Washington to bring Amy and the boys to their new home near Ft. Lewis. Chad had gone on ahead by plane, but we needed to get her Uplander to Washington so we drove it. We went through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in just over 5 days. What a wonderful trip! Exhausting, yes. Exciting, YES! Beautiful? Let's just say that given even a small chance to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.
The falls themselves are touted as the "Niagara of the West," and actually fall farther than Niagara does, although not all at once. The falls begin in the second photo at the middle of the left side, and continue down to the floor of the canyon. The Snake River has several falls, but we were told these were the best. They certainly looked great to me! And the time of day, just as the sun was setting behind us, made the colors a rich gold and brown that these poor photos just don't do justice to. If you look closely at the base of the falls, there is a great rainbow from the spray. Great moment!

I wanted to end this post with a photo of the "weary travelers" aka Jan, Amy and the boys. We were on the platform that jutted out over the Snake River, and you can see the beautiful canyon beyond them. We were holding up pretty well, don't you think?

I hope you like the photos. As I looked through the folders trying to find these, I saw so many others that could be in their own post. I had forgotten how many great sights and places we drove by on that trip overland to Washington. Hope your week is the best!


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