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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cooling off at Turner Falls, Oklahoma

(click on the photos to see them full size)

My leg injury is preventing me from doing much outdoor photography these days, but it is healing and I should be back out and about sometime in December.

In the meantime I wanted to post some photos I took earlier this year at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma. Jan and I had gone to a wedding in Ok City and on the return drive down I-35 we saw the sign beckoning us to see Turner Falls. We decided it would be a while before we got back this way and it would be good to take a side-trip and see the sights.

There were many campers, bar-b-que'rs, waders, sunbathers, and swimmers along the river below the falls. It was a moderately hot day, sunny with some clouds and everyone looked like they were having fun. We had just rounded the curve in the walking trail leading to the falls when I saw this fellow getting ready to jump into the water. No time to line up the shot, just pointed and shot. I think it came out ok!

The photo above looked like kind of a "postcard shot" of a cabin with a small stream running beside it, and a small "waterfall" in the foreground. I liked the way it looked and spent some time getting close enough to the water to get the shot I wanted. You can click the photo to enlarge it (can do this with any photo here) I hope you like it.

There is a "castle" on the park grounds that was fun to climb up to. It was hand built by a college professor and his students. But the main attraction besides the food stands and local artists were the falls themselves.

The photo above was taken looking downriver from the falls, showing the high cliffs on either side of the river. It was sunny, warm, and very peaceful that day...
Enjoy the photos, and have a great Thanksgiving day!

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