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Monday, May 25, 2015

New Braunfels Sunset After the Rainstorm

Sunset in New Braunfels TX from our backyard

Well, seems like we have had nothin' but rain since we moved into our new house. It makes it hard to keep the grass mowed, and also to keep the boxes dry as we unpack. One good thing however, is the beautiful sunsets that grace us frequently after the monsoon rains.

We have been very lucky to be spared the devastation that the rains and flooding have caused in the Hill Country. Over 250 houses were swept away in Wimberley, and dozens of lives were lost. Austin has had flooding much worse than the 1984 Memorial Day floods. Tornadoes have struck all around us, causing major damage in some places. We are truly lucky.

I hope you are warm and dry where you are, and that you had a blessed Memorial Day.

Til next time,
Mike Z

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