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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ellis Paul has a new CD out!

Hello again. Long time readers of this weblog will remember my post about Jan's Mothers Day present from Amy--tickets to see Chris O'Brien and Ellis Paul at the Cactus Cafe here in Austin. For those that haven't seen it, Click Here to see the previous post.

I got a note from Mr. Paul's producer, Ralph Jaccodine, that Ellis has a new CD out. I was glad to hear it, 'cause I really enjoy his music. Even better, Ralph said in his note that I could listen to and download a song from that CD, called "Annalee," for FREE. Yes, for free. ~no emails no personal information no come-ons~ You can listen to the song or download it by clicking Here.

One sad note, The Cactus is no more, I hear. The University of Texas needed the space for offices and such, and decided to close it. Sad. But at least we got to go once!

I hope you like the song. I do. And come back to the Memories often. I plan to get more photos up and yes, the movie too.

All the best,

Mike Z

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