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Thursday, September 18, 2008

DinoLand at Zilker Park

The big buzz around Austin these days is DinoLand, a touring exhibit of dinosaurs in "natural" settings, with information and educational opportunities for kids of all ages. Jan and I thought it would be a good idea to bring the boys, Sentry and Roland Thomas, to the Dinoland exhibit to see the lifelike replicas of some dino's they had seen in books and on videos.

We got there about mid-day, with the sun shining brightly and Warmly! down on us, and got our tickets at the entrance to the Zilker Botanical Gardens. There was plenty of parking, though it was across the street and a fair walk to get to the Gardens.

Jan's favorite were the bird-like dinos nesting in the tree.

Sentry's favorite was the "egg thief" dinosaur.

Mine was the Daspletosaur (cousin to the T-Rex). We never found out what RT's favorite was.

We saw all the dinosaurs, as well as some parts of the other great exhibits, the rose garden and the Japanese garden. But boy it was HOT! The little guys got cross and the adults (me) got a little aggravated, so we decided not to spend a great amount of time there. We headed home to the comfort of air conditioning. The boys slept very well that night.

Now that the weather has cooled off (low to mid 80's vs high 90's when we went) the exhibit is a good one to take children 4 and up to see. I think you can see from the images that the dinosaurs are pretty lifelike. I was very impressed with the authenticity. There are even some Compies like the ones in Jurassic Park! If your young ones are the least bit interested in dinosaurs, go see it in the cooler weather. It probably won't last! The exhibit is on through November 30, so there is still lots of time.

Till next time,

Mike Z

PS Speaking of Jurassic Park, I still smile when I think of that classic line from the movie, "Unix! I know Unix!"

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