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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amy, the Boys, and the Pool

I know I should be posting about our trip from Washington to Texas, but today (Sunday) was such a fun day for Amy and the boys at the ranch in New Braunfels, I just had to share some photos. We had gone up originally for lunch and a visit, and to visit the goats (the boys remembered them from before they left for Washington), but when the invitation came from Jan's sister Julie to take a quick dip in the pool, no one could resist!

It took some time to get the little guys dressed for the pool, and "ease" them into the cool water, but they adapted quickly and in no time they were taking turns getting out of the water, walking briskly (running) around the edge of the pool and jumping into Amy's arms. But I guess it all started when Roland Thomas pushed his older brother Sentry into the pool....
As you might imagine, RT thought this was extremely funny. Sentry, however did not.

But they each took turns jumping off the edge of the pool into Amy's arms, and making a big splash. Below is one more photo of Roland Thomas "airborne" heading for the water.

The boys have had such a good time swimming these past few days. Their other grandma (Chad's mom) has been taking them to the community pool in her neighborhood. They have been splashing and sliding and even learning to swim, all with their cousins who are in town for a couple of weeks for summer vacation. What a joy to see all this! I am blessed.

Best to everyone! Mike Z

PS Just one more pic of Sentry hitting the water, just 'cause I like it! :-)

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