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Friday, April 18, 2008

From Houston Zoo, Rachel and the Tropical Bird

Rachel has such a special touch with the animals in her care. It was evident everywhere we went. This bird (I think it's a toucan) had "adopted" Rachel, and as soon as he saw her, he came quickly up to the glass to say hello. I think he was a little suspicious of me and what I was doing there! I got the shot and quickly backed away so as not to worry him unduly.

As another example of how Rachel has "trained" her wards, when we got to the otters' pool, they immediately got out of the water and headed for the back room! Rachel said it was because they were hungry. Whatever the reason, they were sure glad to see her.

BTW, thanks to Brian from the Houston Zoo, who signed my guestbook and left a nice comment about the meerkats from another post. I really appreciate everyone's kind words (and yes, the constructive comments too!) and hope to post up more interesting, fun photos and stories in the future. There will definitely be more about the Houston Zoo!

Thanks again for stopping by.

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