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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Pesky "Pet" Squirrel

We have a "pet" squirrel living in a nest in the elm tree on the side of our house. Lots of times, I hear him scampering over the roof getting from one tree to the other. I have tried to catch a photo of him for some months, but he is very fast and I haven't been too successful.

It may be our cat, Aliyah, that makes him this way. I believe that Aliyah thinks that every squirrel, dove and wild bird in the yard is potential dinner. So, I don't hold it against the wildlife to be wary of noises and movement around the yard.

Well, serendipity struck this afternoon, and I got a fairly good photo of our pet squirrel. I opened the door, camera in hand, hoping to get a photo of a wild bird, and there he was. He was in the front yard, and as soon as he saw me up the elm tree he ran! I pointed, zoomed, and shot, and then he was gone. But I had my photo!

The picture you see is an extreme crop of the original photo. Thank goodness for lots of megapixels! I tried to sharpen and enhance the closeup without getting too fake or pixeled, but you can be the judge. Sometimes you gotta take what's handed to you!

Well, thanks again for stopping by my weblog. I always appreciate vistiors. You are the reason I do this. More soon..... Mike

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