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Monday, February 29, 2016

An Afternoon at Bluff Creek Ranch

An Afternoon at Bluff Creek Ranch

Last Saturday Jan and I drove to a friend's ranch. It's a working ranch with Longhorn Cattle and lots of pretty acreage. It also sports a very popular off-road mountain bike trail, where several bike races are held each year.

These photos are of several high-schoolers who are doing practice runs ("free-rides") in preparation for their competition tomorrow. They all looked so happy and tired at the same time! They were fun to watch.

 The photos below are my favorites of several I took of the Longhorn Cattle that populate the ranch. I always enjoy looking at these beauties, and welcoming the new-comers when I visit.

We walked around the Turkey Tank and got to see many of the riders setting up for their free-rides, or cleaning their gear afterwards. There were quite a few campsites in the area where we walked, and I think that would be half the fun of doing the races. Parents and children together spending time in nature. 

The last photo below is of the Bluff Creek Ranch's owner, Dr. Paul Nolan. He struck a very thoughtful pose as he checked in the cars for the race. He is a rancher, and a long-time biking enthusiast, as well as being a top notch pediatrician. He has been a good friend for several years, and has talked to us many times about getting a bike trail on our ranch. I hope we do it!

Well, that's all for this post. I hope you enjoy the photos. And if you're interested in mountain biking, Bluff Creek Ranch is a great place to ride!

All the best,
Mike Z

PS - click on a photo to see them larger in a slideshow.

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