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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our visit to the Rio Frio, and Concan TX Part 1

Our Christmas Gift to Each Other

Jan and I have loved going to Big Bend National Park, and always want to go back. But I heard from a friend in Austin about this place called Concan, TX and the Frio River. We decided to take a "mini-vacation" and go see for ourselves.

Frio River, From the Front Porch of our cabin
 We got to the River Bluff Cabins about 4:30pm. It was very rainy and overcast, but I managed to get a shot of the Rio Frio. This is looking upstream from the porch.

Our front door, Cabin 4

We got checked in with no problem, and packed all our vacation stuff into our cabin. The room was very nice. We then struck out to see the grounds.

The Rio Frio, looking downstream from our porch

The River Bluff Cabins are nestled right along the Rio Frio, and there is a large playground for the kids. There are log cabins, lodges for large parties, and "regular" cabins like the one we stayed in.

Cypress tree park, where weddings are held

We walked down the stairs to the riverside, and were enthralled with the tall cypress trees and the sounds of the rapids on the river. So relaxing! 

Rio Frio looking downstream from the park area

We got down close to the water and were amazed at how clear and clean it was. Jan said her dad used to make coffee out of river water when she was a kid. He said it was "ambrosia." I wanted to try it!

Rio Frio looking upstream from the cypress park area

We were also captivated by the size of the cypress trees in the park and along the river bank. They must be very old. The photo below shows Jan standing in front of the tallest of the trees. 

Jan beside the cypress tree

After our walk we went back to the cabin, as it was getting dark pretty fast. We were excited to begin Day 2!

I'll get Day 2 up shortly. Stay tuned.

Mike Z

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