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Friday, October 7, 2011

Red Rocks of Sedona AZ

The Teapot Rock

Several weeks (ok, months) ago Jan and I were lucky enough to go to Arizona for one of my business meetings. I had been to Sedona about 15 years ago, and made a pledge that I would bring Jan to see the spectacular red rocks that surround that town before we got to old. We stayed overnight in a bed and breakfast, and spent the day Saturday touring Sedona.

We made several hikes during the one full day we got to spend there, one to the Teapot Rock (first picture above), and after a drive another one to the Palatki Indian Ruins farther outside of town. We also got to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, an outstanding church that can be seen from miles around the area.

The rocks above were close by the ruins. There were probably petroglyphs and artifacts in there but we weren't allowed to go in.

This rock looked to me like an arched door. Very very large rock. The red color was awe inspiring.

We had to go under this outcropping rock to get back to the car. It looks to me like a character from the old Frank Oz film The Dark Crystal. I think the character was called an uRu.

Next post will be some photos of the petroglyphs at the Palatki Ruins. There are some really cool ones.

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